Bahaya African Cooking Experience

  • Destination: ,
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Tour Price From: $100

(Group Discount Available on request)

Engage in the daily activity of Bahaya culture and its people for unforgettable memories of Kagera.

This tour offers a unique and personal insight into Haya cuisine.

On this tour we invite you to experience the hospitality and culinary delights of Mama Kisha of Gera. Sample traditional favourites of cooked green bananas, yams, local fruits, staple green vegetables and fresh fish from Lake Victoria. You can also participate in the preparation of the food working alongside these enthusiastic, experienced family cooks!

Sitting on floor mats you will enjoy the food you have prepared served on an aromatic banana leaf laid on a bed of grass. Traditionally food is eaten by hand. Before you leave Mama Kisha’s, the villages traditional dancers and singers will entertain you in their own unique style!

Your culinary tour concludes with a visit to a local Vanilla Farm and Coffee Plantation.


Learn all about Bahaya African Cooking from the heart of a traditional family home


Bahaya Cooking & Culture

You will experience the culture and cooking of the Haya people in the homes of local families. With the assistance of an English speaking guide you will work alongside the village women in preparing traditional, local foods before sitting down to enjoy what you have prepared that morning with your hosts.


After lunch you will visit a small local Coffee Plantation and Vanilla Farm to see how these crops are grown and learn how important they are to the Kagera economy.

The tour finishes back in Bukoba at 17:30hrs, where you will have the option to stay on and relax at the Kiroyera Beach & Leisure Site with a fresh fish supper and chilled beverage!