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Mugana Cultural Retreat

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Tour Price From: $145


Mugana is located 28 Km from Bukoba in Kagera. It is hidden within the traditional banana plantations of Buhaya and offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience Tanzanian village life. 

You will stay at the Mugana Guest House. This is a place to retreat away from the hustle and bustle of every day life, offering a peaceful haven and fascinating thought provoking historic-cultural attractions on its doorstep. The guest house is run by Theresian Catholic Nuns who will prepare you tasty meals every day – their local fish and freshly picked fruit dishes are delicious! It has just 8 self contained rooms with twin beds, hot showers, a large living room, a dining room and spacious relaxing veranda’s from which to watch the world go by!

During your 3 night stay you will be escorted by a qualified guide to the nearby ancient rock paintings, Nyakijoga – the ”Lourdes of Africa”, and the beautiful Kantare Forest which will allow you to both unwind and appreciate the unique attractions of the area.

We can arrange stays, transport and local private tours to suit any duration, budget and group size.


Tour 1
Ancient Cultural Tour

Discover the ancient rock paintings outside the village and connect with the creative imaginations of our ancestors

Tour 2
The Lourdes of Africa

Visit Nyakijoga, the ”Lourdes of Africa”, world famous for the miraculous powers of its healing waters blessed in the name of the Virgin Mary.

Tour 3
Kantare Forest

Explore the beautiful, serene Kantare Forest, home to many endemic bird and butterfly species not found anywhere else in the world.

Mugana Guest House – A relaxing African Retreat

Mugana Guest House owners, Lineke and Jos Duindam, donate monies raised from visitor stays to the education of local ophans


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