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What to Pack for Tanzania


Tanzania is a large country. It is hot at the coast and on Zanzibar but gets cold around Ngorongoro highlands and Karatu  – you’ll need to bring clothing for hot and cold weather! However, nothing is extreme. In general, the days are warm and nights are cooler or cold.


Most popular months to visit: December to March; June to October


What you bring depends a lot on what you are planning got do – mountain treks and hikes obviously require extra equipment. The Swahili coast can be hot and humid and there will be mosquitoes, so pack long trousers and sleeves. For hiking, bring layers and comfortable hiking boots. For the beach, bring a sarong not a beach towel, to blend in with the locals!


You will need a hat, sunglasses and suncream; and we also recommend that you bring some rich moisturiser – the air in places can be very drying!

Women Travellers


In rural Tanzania and the coastal areas the dress code is a little conservative. Dress respectfully and you’ll get less hassle from men, and won’t offend any locals. In general shorts are fine for the daytime, but bring a skirt or dress for evening. You could bring a Pashmina in case you need to cover your shoulders.


Things you can’t leave at home are:

  • Tampons and any feminine hygiene products or sexual protection
  • Prescription medication
  • Water purification tablets
  • Malaria Tablets
  • Bug Repellent


But…don’t bring too much! You will have less weight to carry and less to lose! Most clothes and essentials can be picked up in shops at local prices.



The local currency is the Tanzanian shilling (Tsh). It is best to carry a small amount of shillings in your pocket for drinks, tips etc.


Major currencies (US Dollar, English Pound, and the Euro) are easily changed in large towns, with US Dollars being the preferred choice.


Credit cards are accepted only at major lodges, hotels, and travel agents.


ATM’s are available in banks around the country which allows you to withdraw cash from VISA and/or MasterCard accounts. However, there is a daily limit to what you can withdraw so please keep this in mind. Cash withdrawal charges will also be incurred.