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Maruku Paradise Beach

Welcome to Maruku Paradise Beach - Your dream beach destination!

This idyllic spot on the western shores of Lake Victoria offers overnight camping with breathtaking views of our country's iconic lake and Island archipelago.

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Facilities on-site at Maruku Paradise Beach include a campsite, children's playground, and relaxing entertainment spaces with local food and drinks available for purchase. The ‘Safari Blue’ bar is named in honor of the fishermen that have plied Lake Victoria waters for centuries.


Our impressive traditional grass and reed house is used as a restaurant, meeting hall and lobby, and can also be hired privately by guests or converted into a large bedroom when booked in advance (price on application).


Enjoy stunning views of the sunrise over Lake Victoria and watch the spectacular birdlife from our high-rise wooden deck.



USD$15.00 per person per day plus $1.50 Government bed levy per night

Free parking for client vehicles


Sunbathing and Swimming are among the activities enjoyed by many whilst visiting the beach. There are also a number of exciting walking trails to take along the lakeshore and into the pristine traditional villages where you will meet the friendly people of Maruku. 


 For bookings please contact Kiroyera Tours directly or visit the ground floor of Banana Hotel in Bukoba town centre. We offer a personal pickup service from Bukoba town (26km away) with advanced bookings.



We look forward to welcoming you to our beach paradise all year round!


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History & Heritage

Maruku is the home of the historic finding by Archaeologist  Prof. Peter Schmidt (University of Florida), that carbon steel was invented by the ancient Haya people/tribe of this region in 100AD, centuries before it was being made in modern Europe.  

Maruku is the origin of the reign of the 16th-century King Rugomora Mahe, who is the father of all rulers of the eight Buhaya Kingdoms of the western shores of Lake Victoria.

One of the islands in sight of Maruku Beach is Bumbire Island, where the English explorer John Hanning Speke landed during his successful search for the source of the River Nile (1858).