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This month we lost a cherished member of the Kiroyera Tours family, Mr Super Kalemera, known simply as ‘Mr Super’ to many travellers, clients and friends the world over. He was an experienced tour guide, qualified driver, mesmerising storyteller and one of the kindest and wisest teachers you could ever wish to meet.

Mr Super worked for Kiroyera Tours as a driver-guide at the start of our company in 2001. He was a pioneer in tourism when the industry was little developed in northwest Tanzania, believing it would be a force for good in bringing together people from all worlds to better understand, appreciate and respect each other.

Mr Super had a passion to share his knowledge of the history and natural beauty of the Kagera region with all visitors who came our way. In his old and reliable Land Rover, he drove visiting tourists many times through Biharamulo Forest Reserve on route to the famous Rubondo Island National Park – A journey of fun and adventure in which he had to navigate not only very bad roads but outwit forest bandits who knew he would be carrying large amounts of cash to pay the parks authorities until credit cards worked in the bush! He was as brave as he was committed to his work, at one point leading 15km walking tours despite having a badly sprained ankle – not that anyone knew due to his permanent happy demeanour! Mr Super’s informative and amusing stories, his composure, wisdom and kindness always made sure clients of all ages and nationalities came to Kiroyera Tours as inquisitive strangers but left as enlightened friends. 

The tourism industry has lost a very special man in Mr Super who leaves behind not only lifelong memories but a legacy of dedication and service to cultural, wildlife and educational tourism within Tanzania. In his honour, the ‘Kagera Super Kalemera Tourism Award’ (affectionately known as the ‘Super Tourism Award’) will be presented annually to a member of our community for their contribution to the tourism industry.

The first ‘Kagera Super Kalemera Tourism Award’ is scheduled for the second weekend in May next year (2023). On Friday 12th of May there will be a visit to Kyamunene waterfall and Kanazi Palace with a dinner and award ceremony that evening; followed by a tour the next day (Saturday 13th May) which will include hiking in the Pillars of Kamachumu escarpment (The Nyamilyango Royal Hike) and relaxing at Maruku paradise beach.