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New National Parks open in West Tanzania

In 2019 three existing reserves were designated as National Parks in western Tanzania: Burigi-Chato; Ibanda; and Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park.


We believe that few tourism experiences on earth quite compare to a genuine African safari. By visiting these new parks you will not only be some of first visitors ever to do so, but will help support the infrastructure projects that will lead these parks to become world leadering destinations in years to come.


Tanazania is recognised the world over for being a premier safari destination and we are proud that over third of our country is dedicated to the conservation of our wildlife through a network of Reserves and National Parks managed by TANAPA. These western parks are rich and diverse in flora and fauna making them unique in the country.


The opening of a new airport at Chato, along with the exisiting airports at Bukoba and Mwanza from which light aircraft can reach nearby airstrips, will give visitors easier access to these parks than ever before.