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New Scenic Heritage Tour of Beautiful Bukoba!

Bukoba is the home of Kiroyera Tours, and lies in the far North of Tanzania to the west of Lake Victoria. It is the loveliest place in Tanzania, where you will experience the true heart of Africa!

This new 7-8 day tour brings to you the diverse heritage of our area including: viewing the ancient rock art of Mugana and Kaajai; hiking through the pillars of the spectacular Kamachumu escarpment; and visiting Katuruka, which preserves the oldest known iron-smelting furnace in Africa (i.e 500 BC, long before such techniques were known to Europe). You will hear stories of traditional hierarchical rulers of the land long before colonialism came, and experience the daily life of natures greatest gift to Africa, Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake and the second largest freshwater body of water in the world. It is also the magical source of the Nile in which many islands lie, including Musila (just a stone throw from Bukoba town) and the unique and one-off Rubondo Island National Park. Rubondo is home to a vast variety of bird and wildlife, from velvet monkeys to hippopotamus, who will touch your heart and soul during your stay.

Throughout this unique cultural experience you will meet local people, visit typical homesteads, walk through tribal villages and explore traditional museums. Your interaction with the vibrating and hospitable lifestyle of our little bit of Africa will leave you with a new and different perspective on life, and we can’t wait to welcome you to the place that we call home!

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