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Mountain Gorilla Trekking



from USD$ 1,900

This is a fully guided 3 day excursion to visit the mountain gorillas of Bwindi, Uganda. With the help of highly trained guides you will find yourself face-to-face with these amazing animals that seem so human that they will take your breath away!


Mountain Gorilla’s are naturally afraid of humans and will flee or aggressively charge to protect themselves and their group. The gorillas you will meet will have undergone ‘habituation’, where over a two year period the group have come to accept the presence of humans in their environment through daily peaceful contact.


The long journey and trek through the dense and natural rain forests is worth every minute for the privilege of spending time with these fascinating and most endangered mammals. Youngsters may show off and huge silver backs may beat their chests, but nothing beats just witnessing a gorilla family as they go about their daily business, playing games together, and enjoying their all too fragile world. It is no wonder that gorilla trekking is often referred to as ‘the most memorable safari in the world’.


This tour is priced for a stay in a mid range lodge, however can be tailored and arranged to suit your specific requirements, travel dates and budget. By taking this tour your money will directly help in the conservation of this very special mammal. Thank you for caring.


Please be aware that Gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda can only be issued to participants aged 15 and above. However, we can make other arrangements for members of your party under this age to allow adults to participate in this great adventure!


The mountain gorilla has few natural predators, yet due to poaching, civil war and habitat destruction is critically endangered. There are only 880 left today (census 2016) and can be found in the protected national parks of Bwindi (Uganda), and the Virungas mountain region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda.


Mountain gorillas live in groups of up to 30 and are led by a single alpha male - an older silver back so named as a silver stripe develops on their backs when they mature. The groups will include several younger males, adult and juvenile females plus infants. The silver back provides protection to the group, maintains order, decides all activities and also fathers the majority of the young in the group. A typical day involves feeding, resting and moving through the forest. Female mountain gorillas can produce young from aged 10. They give birth after a 8.5 month gestation period and will bear between two and six offspring in a lifetime.



DAY 1 - Transfer to Bwindi Forest National Park

Leaving from Kampala in Uganda or Bukoba/Mwanza in Tanzania we drive via Masaka to Bwindi Forest National Park in south west Uganda, enjoying a scenic landscape drive through the Kigezi Highlands commonly known as the “Switzerland of Africa”. Lunch shall be served in Mbarara town before driving 9-10 hours directly to the Gorilla forest, arriving at our hotel late that evening.

DAY 2 - Mountain Gorilla trekking, Bwindi National Park

After an early breakfast you will pick up a packed lunch and drive to the park headquarters (approx 90 minutes) for a briefing by an experienced ranger guide. You will enter the forest depending on where the gorilla group has been located for your gorilla trekking adventure to begin. The beauty of this rain forest is spectacular and the thrill of spending time observing these gentle and endangered giants is an amazing and exciting experience to be long savored. You will return to your hotel at the end of a memorable day for a hearty dinner.

DAY 3 - Return transfer Bwindi – Lake Bunyonyi

Early, after breakfast, we proceed to Lake Bunyonyi to drive back to Kampala or Bukoba. We will stop for lunch on the way before dropping you off at your hotel.










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