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Remembering Monica

It is with profound sadness that Kiroyera Tours announces (February 2021) the passing of our Bukoba Kagera Museum caretaker Monica Mwombeki (48).

Monica came to the Kagera Museum as a member of the BUKOBA DISABLED ASSISTANCE PROJECT (BUDAP), which created crafts to sell to visitors of the Museum as both a source of income and pride for men and women who otherwise found work difficult to obtain. When BUDAP moved, Monica remained living at the museum house and worked tirelessly as a single parent to bring up her two adorable sons with the community values she held dear. Both sons are today in high school.

As well as hosting visitors to the Museum, Monica was a talented tailor and trained young women on how to sew.

We have lost a kind, responsible, and dedicated member of the Kiroyera family who shall be missed by us all and the tourists she educated on the history and cultural heritage of the beautiful Kagera region of Tanzania. RIP Monica.