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Visit Kiroyera TEMBA – Bukoba Heritage Site, Tanzania

During 2024, we would like to welcome everyone to Kiroyera Temba, our heritage centre and head office location set in an ancient rocky outcrop at the centre of Bukoba.

Short video introduction to Kiroyera Temba!

Just a 10-minute walk from Bukoba bus station near the Kashai Secondary School, our site offers visitors the opportunity to explore natural caves and enjoy 360-degree spectacular views of Lake Victoria and the surrounding area. We are open daily to welcome you to our home town and take care of any tours you want of the beautiful Kagera region and beyond. (See our Tours).

Kiroyera Temba Visitors

Although Bukoba town is only 130 years old, the heritage of our people and the Kagera region stretches back centuries. We offer day and tailor-made longer tours to introduce you to our homeland taking in stone palaces, traditional villages and the spectacle wildlife and birdlife of Lake Victoria.

We opened this site on 18th December 2021, when 200 youths from the local community climbed to the peak of the hill to celebrate the occasion. Since then, we have been developing the hill as a heritage centre for Bukoba and the Kagera region to help our local community and the next generation learn about their proud cultural heritage. We hope to build a new Kagera museum on this site in the near future.

Site of Kiroyera Tours Head Office

After many years, we sadly had to close our original lakeside location in 2020, after the high tides of Lake Victoria swept away our office, restaurant and beach camping site. The following year we relocated our camping site to Maruku Paradise Beach and started building our new head office in the rocks surrounding Bukoba.

Constructing Kiroyera Temba!

We look forward to welcoming you!

How to find us in Bukoba: Walk ten minutes from the bus station along the Kashozi Road and look out for us on the hill next to the Kashai Secondary School and ASILIA bottling plant! Location coordinates 1.32105 S, 31.80992 E (1.32 degrees below the equator).

Kiroyera Heritage site