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Tanzanian heritage tour for Bukoba school children

Kiroyera Tours are always proud to be able to help the next generation learn about Tanzanian’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

This month we arranged for Standard 7 children from Rweikiza Nursery and Primary School to visit Kiroyera Temba Bukoba Heritage site. This fun educational excursion covered learning about Mountain Climbing, Geography, History and Sociology. The day also included a visit to the fascinating Bukoba Museum in Nyamkazi (owned by us), which houses a rare collection of art, sculptures and handicrafts made by our ancestors and the ancient tribal communities of the area.

We at Kiroyera Tours are honoured to be the first choice of many local schools when planning educational tours for groups of children in Bukoba and the Kegera region. If you are interested in arranging a school trip, please contact us and we will be happy to work with your teaching staff to ensure the children have an educational day to remember!

Goodbye and come back soon!