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Kiroyera Tours helps organise the ‘East Africa Ivory Belongs to Elephants Campaign Walk’ led by Jim Nyamu

We had great pleasure in organising the Bukoba – Uganda leg of Jim Nyamu’s Elephant Campaign Walk 2016 (Days 75-76 of the 120 day round trip walk (3200 km)) through our region.

This incredible walk takes the following route: Nairobi (Kenya) – Namanga – Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) – Mkomazi – Tanga – Sadaani -Dar es Salaam – Morogoro – Dodoma -Manyara (Tarangire) – Mbarara – Queen Elizabeth National Park(Uganda) – Entebbe – Kampala – Busia – back into Kenya through Kisumu – Kakamega – Eldoret – Nakuru – arriving back in Nairobi at the end of September.

Jim is the founder  of based in Kenya, where he and his team are on a mission to raise awareness on the plight of our elephants:

“The African elephant population continues to decrease at alarming rates due to poaching for their valueless ivory and habitat loss with the expansion of uncontrolled infrastructure development. Their migratory routes have been completely blocked and this has heightened human-elephant conflict, leaving communities with negative attitudes towards elephants and the need to promote their conservation…I am on this selfishness mission in an attempt to woo the communities, wildlife organisations, governments and tourism organisations to work together and save our elephants”.

A recent study by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust estimated the tourism value of an elephant at US$ 1.6 million throughout its lifetime. At Kiroyera Tours we are committed to helping visitors to our shores visit our wildlife reserves which aim to offer a safe haven to our majestic elephant population.

During this walk donations are being accepted towards the support vehicles, meals and water. Please send your donations to: NIC Bank code: 041; Branch: Galleria; Branch code: 115; Account Name: Elephant Neighbors Center; Account Number: 1001088579; Swift code;NINCKENA; Address: P .O Box 44599- 00100- Nairobi- Kenya; Or Mpesa no 072339819; Or PayPal Thank you so much for your support. Every little bit will help greatly.