Kiroyera Tours, Tanzania, Africa
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Enjoy a delicious cup of local Tanzanian coffee in our new beach Coffee bar!

Kiroyera Tours has opened a new relaxing coffee bar at its beach location on the spectacular shores of Lake Victoria.

Tanzania is endowed with the perfect altitude, temperature, rainfall and soil for the production of high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee. The major Arabica growing regions are Kilimanjaro/Arusha, Mbeya, and Mbinga/Ruvum, whilst Robusta is mainly produced in our home region of Kagera. It is this latter coffee that we serve in our cafe, supporting small local growers and the nearby communities.

Coffee was brought to Kagera in the seventeenth century by homecoming warlords from the Central African republics of the Congo and Gabon. It was mainly used then as a traditional item for rituals, and still today plays such a part in Kagera life.

Robusta coffee beans have low acidity and high bitterness and are mainly used in instant coffee, espresso and as filler in ground coffee blends. You can buy a range of delicious coffees in our Cafe, so please drop in and relax with a cup of this very special local drink. Our cafe manager Jackson, has been perfecting his cappuccino skills to make sure you leave us happy and refreshed!