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Kiroyera Tours brings together local Coffee Farm with UK Strawberry Farm!

Kiroyera Tours is committed to the local community in Kagera and is always looking at ways to bring tourists into the region to help support local farmers, craftswomen and tradesmen. Mary and her team have established relationships with several small holder vanilla and coffee farms to host tourists who are interested in visiting their farms. This activity has helped the coffee farm and its workers supplement their annual income, which in years of poor harvest can be as low $200 per annum.

In April Mary took this commitment a step further, and with the assistance of a UK friend and partner brought together a Coffee Farmer in Kagera (Angelistina) with a Strawberry Farmer in Staffordshire, England (Chris and Wendy Barton). During UK Coffee Week, Canalside Farm (who sell coffee in their Farm Cafe) raised £100 for Angelistina’s Farm which will go a long way to helping her farm her crop this season. We would like to thank everyone involved in this wonderful initiative.

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