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Lake Victoria Ferry Service

The MV New Victoria has been upgraded and sails across Lake Victoria between Bukoba and Mwanza.

This service carries residents and international tourists across the iconic Lake Victoria, providing a more efficient and enjoyable way to travel between the lake zone cities.

Departure Information: 

The Ferry leaves Bukoba for Mwanza via Kemondo Bay every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9pm.
The Ferry leaves Mwanza for Bukoba via Kemondo Bay on alternate days –  Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. 
Arrival time on each side is between 6 to 8am depending on how much time the ferry has stopped at Kemondo bay for cargo.

Kiroyera Tours can arrange ferry tickets, pick up and transport to/from the ferry on request. 


Ticket Prices from 2023:

First class price Tsh 55,000/- for adults and Tsh 28,000/- for children
First class room has two beds sharing
Second class is Tsh  40,000/- for adults and Tsh 20,500/- for children
Second class room has four beds sharing
Third class ticket price is Tsh 21,000/- for adults and Tsh 11,000/- for children. In third class there are no beds but seats for the general public.
Please note age-eligible for a child ticket is 3 to 11 years of age.

Kiroyera Tours Exclusive Services: 

  • Purchase and deliver Ferry tickets direct to the customer in Bukoba or Mwanza: For 1 person: USD$10.00  |  For two or more people: USD$7.00 per person
  • Transport to/from the ferry, including loading luggage on the ferry: Price on request
  • For groups of more than 6 people, we offer a group discount of 20% on the total service fee.
We can also arrange for small cars to be transported on the ferry – early booking is recommended: USD$20 per car
Please contact Kiroyera Tours directly. We look forward to assisting you.