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How we support honey producer Mama Agnes

“I met Mama Agnes for the first time at a restaurant in Dar es salaam in 2016. We shared a table and quickly developed a conversation as we ate lunch.  She is such a charming, elderly, entrepreneurial lady with a great sense of humour.  She told me that, ‘my children and grandchildren don’t like what I do. I sell honey while walking on the streets! They say I am too old and I should stay home and rest. There is nothing I enjoy more than meeting clients and selling honey to them. My honey is pure high quality and very special! Once they use it, they keep coming back to me’.


It is honey from Tabora central Tanzania, where the best honey comes from the Miombo woodlands. We discovered we were neighbours in Kinondoni where my office is and two days later, escorted by her granddaughter, she brought me six bottles of honey labeled ‘Kiroyera Natural Honey’. I thought what a wonderful, kind, entrepreneurial role model Agnes is and I wanted to continue supporting her. 


We now sell our bottles of Tanzania’s tastiest honey to all our visitors and clients, both local and from overseas, with proceeds going to support the education of orphans at UYACHO orphanage in Bukoba.” 


Mary Kalikawe, Managing Director