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NEW 1 day City Tour ! Experience Dar es Salaam through the eyes and voices of its Women



We have just launched a new one day City Tour: Dar es Salaam through the eyes and voices of women, who share with you their success stories, aspirations and extraordinary journey through life. This tour is part of our 14 day tour ‘See Tanzania through the eyes and voice of its Women’  but gives short stay visitors to the city a unique opportunity to meet the inspirational women of our country.

The tour includes visits to meet the entrepreneur women of Ubungo and MEDA; the creative sculptors of Wonder Workshop and local fashion designer Kemi Kalikawe; plus a tour of the Mabinti Centre which supports and retains women back into the community after life threatening surgery. Lunch is included at our city’s scenic coral beach where you will be joined by tourist representatives who will share their incredible local knowledge, before ending the day at Makumbusho village Museum for a taste of Tanzania’s vibrant cultural life with live performances of traditional song and dance.

This tour can be tailored to meet any specific interests and time requirements (half day). For more information call (+255) 713-526-649 and (+255) 759- 424-933 or email