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Dar es Salaam City Tours

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from USD$ 75.00

Enjoy half and one day city tours of Dar es Salaam with our expert guides. Our tailormade tours will take in the historical and the modern, places of cultural interest, craft and food markets. Coming face to face with its friendly and hospitable people is a given!

Dar es Salaam (meaning, “the residence of peace”) is Tanzania’s largest and richest city located on the shores of the Indian Ocean. With its picturesque harbour, beautiful beaches and vibrant markets it is a popular tourist destination and international entry point for many of our overseas visitors.


The city  was founded in 1862 by the sultan of Zanzibar and over the last century has grown from a sleepy Zaramo fishing village into a thriving tropical metropolis of over four million people. Straddling some of the most important sea routes in the world, it is East Africa’s second-busiest port and Tanzania’s commercial hub. Today it is the second-fastest growing city in the world but it still a hidden charm which makes it a fascinating place to explore for a few hours or days!


Full day tours (7-8 hours) start at USD$75 for 3 or more persons and USD$170 for just 1 person.


Half day tours (3-5 hours) start at USD$75 per person for 2 or more and $100 for just 1 person.


Airport transfers to the city centre to begin a tour can be arranged and will be charged separately at USD$40 per person.


Special rates are available for groups and school children on request. Customers can also choose their own places of interest to visit which our expert guide will be happy to arrange.

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HALF DAY TOUR 1 - Food Markets & Sport Stadium

Experience being part of Africa’s fastest growing city away from the tourist trail! You will haggle alongside residents with the friendly traders at Kariakoo Market for local goods before visiting our National Sports Stadium (home of Tanzania’s national football team).

HALF DAY TOUR 2 - Malls, Museums & Markets

This tour takes in a panoramic view over Dar es Salaam so you get a feel of its size and diversity. Visit the only shopping Mall in Tanzania and local craft markets where you can pick up unique handmade African souvenirs to remember your visit.

HALF DAY TOUR 3 - Dar es Salaam through the eyes and voices of its Women

A unique opportunity to meet the most creative and inspirational women of Dar es Salaam. This will include: the artists of Tinga Tinga Art Market; the highly skilled disabled sculptors of Wonder Workshop renowned for their spectacular models made from recycled materials; and local fashion designer Kemi Kalikawe. There will be an opportunity to purchase unique pieces of African art to take back home.

FULL DAY TOUR 1 - Botanic Gardens, Historic Fish Market & Waterfront

A morning visit to the National Museum, historic monuments and botanic gardens offer an insight into Tanzania’s history and cultural heritage. In the afternoon you will travel along the beautiful Indian ocean coast to visit the vibrant waterfront and fish market.

FULL DAY TOUR 2 - Fun City & Kigamboni Beaches

We will take you out of town to spend time at the city’s outlying attractions and relax at the beautiful Indian Ocean beach resorts.

FULL DAY TOUR 3 - Dar es Salaam Zoo

Visit the Dar es Salaam Zoo, home to many animals endemic to Tanzania and beautiful birds and butterflies which are attracted by the Nguva River. The zoo is dedicated towards conserving and preserving plant and animal species, and also offers an amusement park and swimming pool for all the family to enjoy.

FULL DAY TOUR 4 - Dar es Salaam through the eyes and voices of its Women

A unique tour to see Dar es Salaam through the eyes of its most inspirational women. The tour includes: visits to meet the entrepreneur women of Ubungo and MEDA; the creative sculptors of Wonder Workshop; a tour of the Mabinti Centre which supports and retrains women to live fulfilling lives after life threatening surgery; and Makumbusho village Museum for a live performances of traditional song and dance.

FULL DAY TOUR 5 - Castaway to Sinda Island

Off the coast of Dar es salaam, just a 25 minute boat ride away, lies the beautiful, quiet Sinda island which few visit. It offers the ideal escape to relax on white sands, swim in blue waters or simply lie back and absorb your dream surroundings. We can arrange private transport and a packed lunch for this unique castaway experience.