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New National Wildlife Parks

Lake Zone


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The National Parks in the Lake Zone offer an exciting, less busy and alternative safari experience to those available on the Northern Circuit (eg. the very popular Serengeti).


Off the beaten track, these newly designated National Parks are just as exciting and offer visitors a mass of wildlife to view including:  lion, leopards, elephants, hippopotamus, giraffes, buffalos and antelopes (including the world's largest Cape eland); plus a great variety of extraordinary bird life.

We can arrange for you to visit all of the parks over several days or take you to just one park in day, dependant on your time and budget. Please contact us to discuss your preferences and let us put together a safari experience few have been on and which you will remember forever.


RESERVE 1 - Rumanyika & Ibanda National Park

Close to the border of Rwanda and Uganda, this haven for wildlife is situated in the magnificent Karagwe highlands. It offers a more 'wild' safari experience, where a variety of animals can be admired and tracked from Hippos to Water Bucks. The forest trees and flowers are also much to be admired!

RESERVE 2 - Minziro (Nature) Forest Reserve

Lying within the conservation area in the Bukoba district of northwestern Tanzania, this reserve protects one of the largest forests in Tanzania. Its rich and diverse flora and fauna makes it unique in the country. In 2016 the first ever record of an African Golden Cat in Tanzania was captured on film here - a species, about two times the size of a domestic cat, and the only truly forest-dependent cat in Africa. 58 of the 245 bird species recorded in the reserve are not found outside Kagera, while 56 of these have only been seen in Minziro. In addition, more than 600 butterfly species are native here, surpassing any other forest in Africa - a truly remarkable place for nature lovers to visit.

RESERVE 3 - Burigi-Chato National Park

Burigi – Chato National Park is the 3rd largest park in Tanzania, upgraded from a reserve only on 9th July 2019. The park is located between Lake Victoria and Rwanda, and has a diverse habitat ranging from swampy vegetation, to riverine forest, rolling hills and rocky outcrops. It is also surrounded by the Kagera River and Lake Burigi, offering a rich environment for a diverse collection of wildlife to live, including elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, lions, leopards, zebras, giraffes, chimpanzees and gorillas - a wonderful and wild safari experience awaits all visitors! Chato Airport is near by for quicker access to/from the park.


A five hour drive from Bukoba town, The magical Mutagata hot springs (90 degrees centigrade) are located in a valley, covered with indigenous forest. You will walk through banana plantations and see many local birds on your way to the springs, plus meet local residents who will welcome you with a smile as wash their laundry in the water!








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