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Women of Tanzania



from USD$ 2,900

Join us on our exclusive Women of Tanzania Tour – A unique opportunity to experience Tanzania through the eyes and voices of its wonderful women!


In conjunction with Rickshaw Travel, experience the softer side of Tanzania with our new and exclusive tours which showcase the wonderful women of Tanzania.


Inspired by the international publication ‘The World of Women Tanzania’ (published by Women In Action Worldwide 2015) you will experience Tanzania through the eyes and voices of its women.

On this tour you will visit and chat with successful women about their projects in various corners of Tanzania including: coffee harvesting in the Kilimanjaro region; jewelry creation in the Masai land; seaweed harvesting in Zanzibar; Tinga-Tinga painting in Dar es Salaam; and international criminal justice in Arusha.


We also ensure that you do not miss out on the spectacular natural wonders and wildlife of our country by including on your journey Safari’s on Lake Victoria, across the Serengeti and within the Ngorongoro Crater.

Join us on this unique tour and let the women of Tanzania touch your soul like never before with their business endeavours, inspirational stories and personal perspectives.


Wherever possible you will have a female tour guide accompanying you. Please note, this itinerary may change depending on which airport you arrive into and time of year.


Please contact us for full tour details and to discuss your specific requirements. Tours can be arranged all year round to suit any group size. (Please note that you can also meet the female entrepreneurs of Dar es Salaam on our one day city tour)


Tanzanian’s speak ‘Kiswahili’ as a unifying national voice but there are in fact 126 diffe

rent languages! In these languages there are feminine ways of greeting during different times of the day, if one is married or single, or if you are young or old! Even saying numbers (e.g. no 9) can differ when you are a woman!



Items of decoration, particularly beads, are worn by tribes for different reasons e.g in Buhaya, around Lake Victoria, they are concealed and worn around the loin as a sex enticer to a suitor; whereas Masai bead work is very elaborate and embodies its whole culture representing beauty, strength, tradition, warrior-hood, marriage, age, marital status, social status and deep devotion for their cattle.


Folk Tales of a woman’s experience – Mary Kalikawe of Kiroyera Tours, shares one of her childhood tales


“Our itineraries tell a story depicting the traditions of Tanzania and its culture of peace and tolerance. The women have learnt their traditions over millennia through stories they were told by their elders. Traditionally story telling was around a fire while cooking with firewood on three stones in the family home. The young girls would listen to the stories of grand ma and mom who provided warmth and love to the growing generation. There were no street children during these good old times!


A story my mother and father told me was of a woman called Nyakiile, who was stubborn and lacking in respect for her elders and authority. She grew up and got married in a village where there was a large sacred baobab tree which stood between her parent’s and marital homes. The baobab was respected by the villagers and everyone who passed by always gave it sacrifices, gifts and respectful greetings. One day Nyakiile passed the baobab after leaving her husband’s house to visit her parent’s home but decided not to greet the sacred tree. On this, she was suddenly engulfed inside the tree and therein after everyone who passed and greeted the tree heard her crying “Tree open up and let me go as my mother’s home thinks I am at my husband’s and my husband thinks I am at my father’s. Tree let me go as I have been gone a very long time and I am very late!”


Needless to say, this story has always stayed with me and ensures that I am always respectful to my elders, authority and baobab trees!”


DAY 1&2 - Dar es Salaam’s Female Entrepreneurs

On arrival in Dar es Salaam you will be welcomed with the cuisine, music and dance of Tanzania. You will visit inspirational women at Tinga Tinga art market; talk with the disabled sculptors of Wonder Workshop; tour the Mabinti Centre which supports and retrains women recovering from child birth fistula surgery; and hear how MEDA help low income entrepreneurial women.

DAY 3&4 - Arusha & Moshi Cultural Programs

You will fly to Moshi and Arusha, capturing distance views of Kilimanjaro on route. You will visit various cultural programs and successful female run projects inc. Asia Kimaro’s Coffee Aroma House and the Maasai women of Simanjiro (Monica, Dora and Frida).

DAY 5&6 - Bukoba & Lake Victoria Haya Family Traditions

Fly to Bukoba on the western shores of Lake Victoria, the home of the female founders of Kiroyera Tours. The Kagera Region is one of the loveliest places in Tanzania from which you will explore the scenic Kamachumu plateau and discover the culture and cuisine of the Haya women.

DAY 7 to 9 - Ngorongoro & Serengeti Wildlife Safari’s

You will depart for the beautiful Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro conservation area to enjoy an exhilarating game drive in search of the Big 5 and may even witness the Great Wildebeest migration! A breath taking Hot Air Balloon ride over the African plains is a once in a lifetime option.

DAY 10 to14 - Zanzibar Island Women

You will fly to the legendary spice Island of Zanzibar to experience the unique daily life of the women of Paje, helping them harvest the mineral-rich Seaweed in the warm shallow coastal waters. You will visit Mrembo Spa to learn how its natural beauty products are made and have a massage with traditional Zanzibar herbs! Your tour ends with a relaxing and reflective time on the white beaches of the Indian ocean.











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