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7 Day Bukoba Heritage Tour

Maruku Paradise Beach


from USD$ 1,750

This area to the far North of Tanzania and west of Lake Victoria is considered by many to be the loveliest place in Tanzania. It is our homeland and where you experience the true heart of Africa!

This tour explores Bukoba and its surrounding area, showing you ancient rock art in Mugana and Kaajai; the spectular pillars of the Kamachumu escarpment and evidence of iron technology practiced 500years BC in Katuruka. You will also visit spice and vanilla farms and hear about the traditional hierarchical rulers of our land, walking in the footsteps of those who reigned long before other cultures came to our shores.


You will experience our greatest pride, Lake Victoria – its role in our history, its place in modern day life, and its unique Islands including Africa’s only island based national park, Rubondo Island National Park. This spectacular park lies only two hours away from Bukoba and encompasses a staggering variety of habitats and wildlife from indigenous birds to Nile fresh water fish; from to hippos to elephants and chimpanzees!


You will get a very personal insight into our past and present lifestyle, like no other tour can offer.  You will interact with local people, visit their homes and discover thier tribal villages. Past clients have told us that the vibrant and hospitable lifestyle of our region gave them a different perspective on how they should live their own lives when they returned home.

8 DAY TOUR PRICE  - pending seasonal changes

The price for the first 5 days of the tour is USD$770 per person and the 2 nights/three day stay at the Rubonda Island National Park is $980 per person (sharing).


These prices are based on mid range accommodation, however we can arrange budget and luxury stays pending your needs.


This tour can also be extended to meet any number of days you require and tailored to meet any special needs.


Special group rates are available on request.

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DAY 1 - Arrive in Bukoba

Arrive in Bukoba and check in to your hotel. If you arrive early in the day you can take a visit of Bukoba central market followed by climbing Temba Hill for 360 degrees view of Bukoba and its Lake Victoria. You can relax here and enjoy the breeze from the Lake.

DAY 2 - Spice Farm & Water Relaxation

After a leisurely breakfast leave your hotel to visit the people of Katuruka Zamadamu ancient iron technology site and Bukoba’s spice farm. Many streams empty into Lake Victoria and we stop briefly at Kyamunene water fall and cave. (Optional visit to a primary school). Lunch will be at Maruku Kabuhara white sand beach where you can relax and watch the day go by in this remote setting. Return to Bukoba for overnight at your hotel or stay on for accommodation on the beach cottages

DAY 3 - Excursion to ancient Mugana

Today you discover Kagera secrets! You will visit Mugana ancient rock paintings, after which you are invited to a lunch of traditional food at mama Kisha in Gera. Late afternoon you can either return to Bukoba (optional visit to the Kagera Museum) or overnight in a beautiful guest house in rural Mugana run by nuns of the catholic church.

DAY 4 - Cultural Heritage Tour

After breakfast you will leave your hotel and head to Kamachumu - an important town during the colonial time as it grew to be rich in coffee production. Remnants of trade and Arab influence are still seen in the corrugated iron buildings and mosques. Kamachumu is also home of the first black African cardinal in the Catholic church and the influence of Lutheran church can be seen at Bugonzi water falls where they built a hospital. On your way to Kamachumu, we will stop by the 110 years old Kanazi palaces of King Kahigi and King Kalemera of the Kihanja Kingdom, for a cup of tea or coffee! These fabulous palaces are built in a combination of German and traditional Buhaya architecture making this place extraordinary and unique. A small museum explains the story of these rulers now long past. You will then visit Kamachumu Mushonge Museum of traditional architecture and see many artefacts. (OPTIONAL: adventurous hike in the pilars of the Kamachumu escarpment – an unforgettable experience!). We will overnight in Augustine House AirBnB where you can view Princess Conso’s collection of typical African fabrics, famous for their kaleidoscope of colours.

DAY 5 - Gardens & Waterfalls

Today after breakfast you will visit Bugonzi water falls. The water here drops for a height of not less than 60 meters - It is a breathtaking sight! You will then visit the Kagangiro gardens and rest here till after lunch. Then we take a walk through the green banana plantation village, and hear stories of Ma Njwanga the woman ruler of “Kizigo Kya Mutima” the sister of King Kahigi and her legacy. Next onto view the scenic valleys of Kasiko and Ruhanga “ Aabyazi” before an overnight stay at Augustine's house or return to Bukoba

DAY 6-8 - Rubondo Island National Park

We proceed to the only island game reserve, the beautiful and tranquil Lake Victoria Rubondo Island National Park for 2 nights/ 3days enjoying bird life, game viewing, and tracking chimpanzees - a unique island wilderness experience you will never forget. (OPTIONAL: Deepwater fishing on Lake Victoria).