Nsenene is the local name for the longhorn grasshopper, whose scientific name is Ruspolia differens (Serville). This soft grass hopper, sometimes called ‘flying prones’ by its lovers, plays an important role as a food source in Bukoba and Uganda. It is consumed both in rural and urban areas and exported as far as the USA, […]

  Bukoba traces its roots back to 1890, when Emin Pasha (Eduard Schnitzer), a German doctor, naturalist and administrator, arrived on the western shores of Lake Victoria to help establish a German foothold in the African Great Lakes region. The area became known as German East Africa and included what are now Burundi, Rwanda, and […]

The ferry that runs across Lake Victoria from Bukoba to Mwanza is now back in operation!  The boat trip saves 4 hours of driving so it is a blessing when you only have a short time! It doesn’t run every day so we recommend that you plan your trip accordingly. To pick up a ticket: […]